About The Columbia Cafe

Looking for some good desi food to eat?? But don’t know where to go.We are excited to introduce our Pakistani food culture in the most sophisticated café style to you. Café Columbia offers all kinds of desi foodstuff to satisfy your hunger. We are a family-owned restaurant that offers all types of desi burgers, bun kababs, and other Pakistani food items which you are craving for a long time.

To take care of our health-conscious people in the area, we are also dealing with smoothies, juices of all kinds to make sure our beloved customers may not be bothered by too much calorie intake. Our juices are freshly prepared with ripe fruits to give the best taste experience to our customers.

We at Café Columbia are also offering world-renowned Middle-Eastern Gyros with quality controlled, low-calorie salads, and all these things are prepared with freshly prepared halal meat with all the ingredients included are locally manufactured. All of these mouth-watering items are prepared with the adherence of 2 Q’s of service i.e. Quality & Quantity.

Café Columbia also offers instant snacks and pastries which are up for grabs for the people in a hurry, and these instant services are accompanied by soft drinks and other beverages so the customers can have it on the go.

As we are a family-owned business, we make sure that the quality of our food should not go by the hand. Our customer’s hygiene is our first preference, and we always consider the quality of service as our priority. Our services are based on the SOPs of health and safety of the visitors and customers to make sure this should always go with complete health measures.

We at Café Columbia offer good sit-in capacity for our visitors, and it is amongst our top preferences to provide our customers with the best possible ambience and service so they may go with utmost satisfaction.